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Soro The Village Pub in North Goa is a bar housed in an Old Goan House with beautiful outdoor seating. Soro has a rustic and soothing ambiance where the DJ’s play throughout the week and on some nights live music is also there.

Soro the vllage pub


Set off the coast of Mandovi river, Big Daddy Casino is an offshore casino that creates a unique blend of grand gaming and high living experience.

Big daddy casino



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The eating experience at Cohiba in Candolim is certainly salubrious pleasing for any foodie out there. One is greeted with well-behaved staff every time you visit here.



Anjuna Flea market is a hippie’s paradise in Goa where you can find a treasure trove of souvenirs, handicrafts, hippie clothes, and trinkets at a drift cheap rate.

Anjuna fela market


Cavala has been charming Baga-bound travellers for over 35 years, and continues to deliver clean, simple, nicely furnished rooms, ranged about a large complex with a central swimming pool. The bar-restaurant cooks up a storm, with live music on most evenings.



Located in Sinquerim, SinQ Night Club is upbeat and trendy with chill vibes all over, a chic lounge-club experience that doesn’t have to wait until the sun goes down. The warm earthy tones of minimalist furniture combine perfectly with the poolside lounge.



Saturday night market of Goa is world famous for its vibrant offerings. If you are staying in Goa over a weekend make sure you visit either of the 2 Saturday night.

Satuday night market


Goa nightlife livens up with dizzy neon lights, great music, delectable food that makes for the perfect ambience you’d wish for.

Night Life

Client Testimonials

Priti Sharma

“Overall my Goa tour under 7Night/8Days packages of Chill at Goa has been satifactory and successful. At every station, Hotel arrangements were of high quality.”

Sakshi Malik

This package is really great. Had all the watersports, pickup drop off, food and everything. You don't have to have another expense while using this package. Really had an awesome time.

Pooja Sinha

“Our trip to Goa is memorable one due to Chill at Goa. The driver and the hotels they book for us were excellent. The service provider is highly recommended.”